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Programme FAQs

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For individuals

What is ReTrain to Retain?

It’s a skills, funding and support programme for sport and physical activity in England. 

It will support up to 50,000 professionals and volunteers who work or want to work in sport and physical activity.

In addition, the programme will provide skills, funding, and support for up to 5,000 self-employed professionals and micro-businesses, and will work with up to 500 sector employers to address skills shortages and fund essential training.

What's on offer?

There is a range of benefits and resources on offer, depending on your role and where you operate. You can find out more here.

Will it cost me anything? 

No, the funding provided by Sport England covers the costs of support.

Who is behind it?

ReTrain to Retain is part of an ambitious £5m job retention and support package funded by Sport England through the National Lottery, and delivered by CIMSPA alongside UK Coaching and EMD UK.

When can I apply? 

We are open for applications now – please click here to apply. 

Will I be eligible for support? 

If you live in England and had your work impacted by Covid-19, you should be eligible. Make sure you check the eligibility criteria before you apply. 

Can I apply if I’m a volunteer sports coach?

Absolutely. The ReTrain to ReTain initiative will provide a route back into coaching for volunteer coaches who have lost their connection to coaching through the disruption caused by the pandemic, through UK Coaching. Click here for more. 

I’ve received an email saying I’m ineligible, why is this? 

To be eligible for ReTrain to ReTain when you apply you must have selected “I live in England” and “I am unemployed, or my working hours have been affected by the pandemic.”

If you have made an application and have received an email saying you are ineligible, you can apply again if you made a mistake or your circumstances have changed.

Can I apply more than once? 

If your working hours have returned to pre pandemic levels but you would still like some support, you can still apply. Please select “I am unemployed, or my working hours have been affected by the pandemic.”

Do I need to apply more than once if I have more than one job? 

No, just make one application, selecting the job role that you do the most hours in.

I applied and I’ve been told I’m eligible. What’s next? 

In your email telling you that you're eligible for ReTrain to ReTain, you’ll receive instructions on how activate your ReTrain to ReTain portal account. In this portal, you can access a range of online resources and e-learning. If you are also eligible for funded support via ReTrain, within 2 weeks, you will then receive an additional email with information on how to submit your Training Request form. 

How do I get funding to help me complete a new qualification? 

There are different types of support depending on your eligibility. If you want to receive ReTrain support to fund additional qualifications, there are additional eligibility criteria. Please make sure you check this before applying to avoid disappointment.

What is an area of lower socio-economic groups (LSEG) and why is it important? 

Around 12 million adults in England are in a lower socio-economic group, and Sport England research shows that a third are inactive. As part of tackling inequalities and levelling up society, people living in postcode areas classified as high levels of deprivation will receive the greatest levels of support from the programme.

How can I check to see if I am based in a LSEG (lower socio-economic groups) area?

You can check to see if your postcode is based in a LSEG area by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the English indices of deprivation (2019) website here
  2. Look up your postcode and download your custom deprivation data
  3. Look at your given score for ‘Index of Multiple Deprivation Decile’ (column F on the excel spreadsheet)
  4. If your ‘Index of Multiple Deprivation Decile’ score is between 1-6, then you are based in an LSEG area, and you will be eligible to receive funding via ReTrain Phase 2.
  • If you would like more information on levels of engagement in sport and physical activity in LSEG areas, you can find out more on Sport England’s website here
  • If you would like more information on English indices of deprivation, you can find out more on the Government website here

How do I add my CIMSPA CPD points from the ReTrain to ReTain Learning Hub?

You can add CIMSPA CPD points after completing eLearning within your ReTrain to ReTain Learning Hub. To add these points to your CIMSPA profile, please email us at with the following information:

  • Name of eLearning course/topic completed
  • Date of completion for each eLearning course/topic
  • Evidence that you have completed eLearning. We accept the following as evidence:
    • eLeaning Modules – Certificate of completion (PDF or screenshot)
    • Live Webinars– Zoom registration link
    • Video Webinars – Screenshot of page showing topic 100% complete

For employers

How can I access funding to support my staff to complete qualifications? 

From February, CIMSPA Employer Partners will be contacted by their Partnerships Executive with information on how they can be supported via ReTrain.

How can we apply?

You won’t apply directly or through a training provider as you may have done in ReTrain previously. You will need to work with your CIMSPA partnership executive to develop your application, and some of the qualifications that were funded in ReTrain phase 1 won’t be eligible in phase 2.

Some of my team have applied but have been told they’re ineligible, why is this?

To be eligible for ReTrain to ReTain when you apply you must have selected “I live in England”. If someone has made an application and received an email saying they are ineligible, they can apply again if they made a mistake or circumstances have changed.

Some of my people have applied and been told they are eligible. What’s next? 

They will receive an email telling them how to generate their ReTrain to ReTain account.

Do my team need to apply to access the funding for qualifications and CPD? 

No, you will be able to select who goes on the training you’ve received funding for. They won’t need to have applied as participants. But we strongly advise they do, to benefit from the other support the programme offers.

What will I be able to apply for? 

There will be a range of CIMSPA endorsed qualifications and CPD that focus on upskilling your existing staff as well as attracting new staff.

How will I apply? 

You will be able to express interest via the website. All employer partners will be notified when we’re ready to take applications.

How much can I apply for? 

There are no limits, but your partnership executive will support you in identifying your priorities. It’s a limited pot of funding that we must make sure covers 500 businesses across the whole of England, so we may not be able to fund everything requested. 

How is the funding distributed? 

Once you have applied, CIMSPA will source a training provider based on your preference. If you don’t have a preference it will be the best value offer. The training provider will make the arrangements to run the qualification with you and CIMSPA pays the training provider directly.

How can I make sure my application is successful? 

Have an early conversation with your partnership executive, identify your key priorities – which qualifications or CPD would have the most impact, and how many you will need in which areas.

If you have received ReTrain phase 1 funding, make sure the people that were funded have completed their qualifications or are making progress as quickly as possible. It’s unlikely that funding will be allocated for the same qualifications if large numbers of people have not completed the qualification funded in ReTrain phase 1.

For training providers

How can we apply? 

If you are a CIMSPA Training Provider partner, you will be contacted by CIMSPA with details on how you can apply to deliver training courses via ReTrain. Please contact your Partnership Executive for further information. 

What is the process for being allocated funding? 

Employers will request the training they need to cover their skills gaps. We’ll then match the employer to you, contacting you asking if you’re happy to deliver the training. You then make the arrangements with the employer and CIMSPA pays you directly.